Line Carrier Customer Service Platform provides resources for a better customer experince.

A good customer experience improves your brand image

Your customers expect service when best it suits them, not just during your office hours. If your customers cannot get a hold of your company’s representative, they will turn to a competitor.

Customers contact you over the phone, chat and email, but your own resources are not enough to respond to all inquiries.

Line Carrier Customer Service Platform provides your company with reliable apps and outsourcing services. Reachable and high-quality customer service leaves a positive imprint of your business.

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Line Carrier Mobile PBX

The Mobile PBX is a flexible solution to ensure that your personnel can be reached. When a customer calls your company’s number, the call is forwarded to a predetermined number.

Calls can be forwarded to a specific number or hunt group, or transferred to a queue to ensure that no calls are lost. Employee attendance information can also be integrated to the service.

Line Carrier Mobile PBX is fit for a fast paced customer work.
Contact Center -application lets you manage your business' multi channel customer service.

Line Carrier Contact Center

The Mobile PBX is smoothly scalable into the more comprehensive Contact Center app, which can be deployed alongside the Mobile PBX. Contact Center is a multichannel customer service app that allows you to manage calls as well as email and chat.

The app includes all Mobile and service PBX features as well as other essential customer service support features.

Line Carrier Integration interface

Easily integrate your customer phone calls into your CRM system!

Line Carrier Integration interface enables you to integrate your customer phone calls and customer relationship management system. When your customer service agent answers a call, your CRM system instantly pops up to show a view of the customer’s details. Incoming calls can be answered in mobile, Microsoft Teams, Line Carrier Contact Center application or third-party phone system.  

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OneFeed™ – All in one solution for omnichannel customer experience

Tame the multichannel information flood with the OneFeed™ application.

OneFeed™ is an easy way to establish multichannel customer service without significant investments. Get the app, choose your desired channels, and start communicating.

OneFeed™ gathers all your company contacts onto your phone, tablet, or computer from phone calls, emails, text messages, chats, WhatsApp, and social media. Provide your customers with a seamless omnichannel customer experience anytime and anywhere.

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Outsourced PBX service allows resources to be allocated more effectively.

Outsourced customer service, PBX service and call attendant

In companies that experience high volumes of customer contacts, attending calls may become a burden that employees handle alongside their other duties. On top of this, it is often difficult to obtain reports from the call traffic.

Outsourcing the company’s PBX service saves costs and frees up your employees for tasks that have a greater impact on your business.

You can outsource all or only a part of your company’s PBX service as so-called overflow. Outside office hours, calls can be directed to us to be handled 24 hours a day if necessary.

Together with our sister company DialOk, we take care of all your company’s outsourced PBX service needs.

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Financial benefits

An unanswered call is expensive for a business and a poor customer experience even more so.

Serve all your customers to do more business.

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Operational efficiency

App platforms and outsourced customer service ensure the efficiency of the customer service process.

Reports generated by the service enable further development.

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Improved brand image

Your customers will feel comfortable when they receive service through the desired channel quickly.

App platforms or outsourcing customer service to a trusted partner ensure a high-quality customer experience.