Line Carrier Contact Center system is an agile customer service software.

Multichannel contact center system

Line Carrier Contact Center is a multichannel contact center system. Our web-based customer service software enables inbound and outbound service through phone, email, sms, chat and social media. All channels and multiple contacts can be handled simultaneously.

Working with Contact Center is possible anywhere for it can be used at the office desktop as well as on mobile phones and tablets.

The system integrates agilely with CRM and ticket systems as well as your company’s O365 environment.

Serve your customers like they want to be served – wherever, whenever and with personal touch.

Customer experience on one cloud-based platform

Line Carrier Contact Center system is useful and fit for companies of all sizes. It is designed for multichannel customer service’s needs.

The software is light to use thanks to its web-based usability. It enables flexible remote work and can be used on desktop devices as well as on mobile phones and tablets.

Contact Center operates on Line Carrier’s own switchboard service platform. It communicates with our Mobile PBX users and integrates nicely with the clients other systems and environments.

Area code numbers, service and corporate numbers and Line Carrier mobile numbers can all be addressed to Contact Center’s service queus.

With Contact Center, customer service expands from just phone calls to email, chat and social media. All of the service channels can be handled simultaneously and reported in detail.

The software includes all the mobile and service PBX’s usual characteristics and features. Outbound campaigns, versatile integrations, call recordings, personalized IVR menus and announcements and switchboard operators view can be included as add-ons.

Line Carrier Contact Center

Effective team work

Customer service agents are able to see their contact history and each others’ real time availability. Agents can be in touch with each other through instant messages and by connecting calls through intercom or directly.

Customer contacts can be directly connected to agents by their skill level. The software also offers a whisper feature for agent supervisors so they can instruct the agents during phone calls.

Line Carrier Contact Center system in a nutshell

Basic features

  • Handling of phone calls including outbound calls from service queues
  • Service queues and management
  • Skill-based contact forwarding to customer service agents
  • Real time availability info for agents, live monitoring for phone calls, whisper feature
  • Contact specifications and reporting
  • Real time contact history reports
  • Service queue specified reports
  • Agent specified reports
  • Internal phone book
  • Internal instant messages
  • Basic announcements
  • Opening hour based announcements and redirects to another number
  • Admin view and agent view
  • Maintenance and technical support
  • All software updates in the means of purchased features

Added features

  • Phone call recordings
  • E-mail contacts
  • SMS contacts and message templates
  • Chat contacts
  • Switchboard operator view
  • SNOY integrations
  • Questback integration
  • CRM integrations (Dynamics, Hubspot, Salesforce)
  • Ticket system integrations (Zendesk and ServiceNow)
  • Personalized announcements
  • Call back service
  • IVR menus
  • Voice mail
  • Outsourcing resources

Customer service system made for your company’s needs

The system’s basic features are well thought out and with add-ons it is tailored for your company’s needs.

Customers can get service on their preferred channel and time. Integrations fill the gap between other systems and the service can be personal to each customer.

Customer service agents’ work load is devided smoothly between agents and servie channels. Team management and service development are effortless.

Detailed and personalized reporting offers a possibility for even more effective and customer oriented service. Give it a go and ask for a demo!

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Outsourced resources

Is it getting busy, does your company need an extra pair of hands?

Our sister company DialOk offers outsourced resources for customer service and switcboard operations. The service is always tailored to look and sound like the desired brand and to serve the business goals.

DialOk’s customer service agents use Line Carrier Contact Center.

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Financial benefits

An unanswered call is expensive for a business and a poor customer experience even more so.

Serve all your customers to do more business.

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Operational efficiency

App platforms and outsourced customer service ensure the efficiency of the customer service process.

Reports generated by the service enable further development.

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Improved brand image

Your customers will feel comfortable when they receive service through the desired channel quickly.

App platforms or outsourcing customer service to a trusted partner ensure a high-quality customer experience.