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  • Line Carrier introduces OneFeed™ – New all-in-one solution to omnichannel customer service

    Multi-channel customer service is now more easily accessible.

  • Case Fingrid Datahub Oy: Better customer experience and a broader service offering

    “We’ve been very happy with the collaboration”, says Director of Customer Relations at Fingrid Datahub.

  • Case Wihuri Group: Wihuri’s telephone system covers nine countries

    Line provided Wihuri with a global working platform and a modern telephone system with MS Teams.

  • Case Vitec FuturSoft: Customer support tools make the support team’s work easier and more efficient

    Effective customer support ensures a positive customer experience and improves the company’s image.

  • Case Linna Golf Oy: Better customer service and economic advantages

    We supplied Linna Golf Oy with a mobile switchboard and a service number to improve efficiency.

  • Meet Line Carrier at CIO Nordic 1st of december 2022

    Come and join us in the CIO and IT Executive gathering of the year!

  • Two subscriptions with one phone number – Things are moving forward with a dual network solution!

    Make sure your connections work with Line Carrier’s dual network solution and get two lines with one number!

  • The 4 benefits of omnichannel customer service – Contact Centre and omnichannel services

    Omnichannel customer service is becoming more and more common these days. More and more companies want to serve their customers not just by phone, but also for example by e-mail, chat service or social media.