Line Carrier eFax brings faxes to email

While faxes are still necessary, it is not always possible to be physically present where the fax machine is located. Did you know that faxes can be sent and received without a separate fax machine?

Line Carrier eFax delivers faxes to the email address of your choice, quickly and reliably.

If the contents of the fax are classified, the fax can be delivered to an encrypted portal where it is readable with a personal password or a shared team password.

eFax brings faxes to email.

Start using eFax instantly

The easy-to-deploy eFax service delivers faxes to email digitally. The service is activated within 1-2 business days. Ask for a quote and our salesperson will be in touch with you soon!

Reaxh your audience with SMS Gateway mass text messages anywhere.

Reach your audience with Line Carrier SMS Gateway mass text messages

Statistically, text messages are five times more likely to be opened than a newsletter – often as soon as the message is received.

Line Carrier SMS Gateway converts emails to text messages and sends them out to recipients’ mobile phones.

Enhance communications with text messages

SMS Gateway is a two-way conversion service connected to the customer’s CRM system or marketing automation system over the public network, enabling you to send and receive text messages from the customer’s system as with regular emails. The service can send, receive and process text messages from the company’s email system or other systems via a HTTP interface.

The service can be used in marketing, crisis communication and company internal communication when you need to reach your target audience quickly and reliably.

  • With Line Carrier SMS Gateway, you can also receive text messages to your email inbox as with regular emails. Messages can be forwarded and archived like regular emails.
  • In communication between email and mobile phone, SMS Gateway is a carrier-independent service.
  • SMS Gateway also works internationally, provided that the connected mobile network supports the used mobile phone plan and allows SMS forwarding to the plan’s home network (roaming).
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Financial benefits

By purchasing communication solutions and add-ons from the same service provider, costs are easy to allocate.

You always know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for.

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Operational efficiency

Our agile operating methods and scalable services ensure the efficiency of your operations.

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Improved brand image

Reliable connections and a uniform voice solution serve your brand image and ensure a better customer experience.