OneFeed® – All in one multichannel messaging platform

Tame the multichannel information flood with the OneFeed® multichannel messaging platform.

OneFeed® is an easy way to establish multichannel customer service without significant investments. Get the app, choose your desired channels, and start communicating.

OneFeed® gathers all your company contacts onto your phone, tablet, or computer from phone calls, emails, text messages, chats, WhatsApp, and social media. Provide your customers with a seamless omnichannel customer experience anytime and anywhere.

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Say goodbye to communication chaos

  • One channel for handling all customer contacts.
  • One interface for digital service channels and calls.
  • Use it anywhere – device and location independent.
  • Forget the message flood and manage the chaos.
  • Multichannel messaging platform for enterprises

Agile multichannel messaging platform for all your needs

OneFeed® is a novel way to handle your company’s customer service contacts. A location-independent and device-independent application that seamlessly accompanies you wherever and whenever, on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Unlike a traditional customer service system, multichannel customer service is no longer confined to a desktop application.

OneFeed® benefits in a nutshell
  • Save time and effort in customer communication.
  • Easily share customer contacts among your team.
  • Don’t let any customer message go unanswered.
  • Ensure fast and agile customer service.
  • Provide your customers the option to contact you through multiple channels.

OneFeed® is like a multichannel mobile switchboard: you can handle not only calls but also SMS messages, emails, and WhatsApp Business messages.

With the OneFeed® application, you easily involve all necessary personnel in customer service and ensure that no customer message gets lost in the information flood.

OneFeed™ customer service channels infographic

Agile call management

In addition to digital customer service channels, OneFeed® enables agile call handling anytime and anywhere.

Handle calls quickly and efficiently in one or multiple call queues
  • Answering calls
  • Call queues
  • Calling with queue number
  • Call forwarding
  • Callback service
  • Contactability reporting
introducing OneFeed functionalities

OneFeed® – Bring omnichannel capabilities to your entire organization

mobile work
Mobile work

A location-independent and device-agnostic customer service application that accompanies you during your mobile work.

customer service
Customer service

Establish multichannel customer service without significant investments in expensive systems.


Boost sales by offering your customers the opportunity to contact you in the way that suits them best.

Several locations 

Easily connect stores or other locations to multichannel communication with OneFeed.

For entrepreneurs

OneFeed is an easy and mobile way to ensure that the information flood doesn’t derail your thoughts.

For professionals

Engage all necessary personnel in customer service easily and effortlessly.

Introduce multichannel communication for your business! 

OneFeed® is the solution for you if you’re looking for an effortless way to take control of your customer service across multiple channels. You can choose the communication channels and features you need and pay only for what you use.

Adopting the customer service application is easy and quick, without any fixed-term contracts.

Better customer service is just a swipe away – Contact us and request a demo.

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