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Vitec FuturSoft Oy’s customer support team serves over a hundred customers every day. Major tools used by the support team are the Line Carrier Contact Center and 5G enterprise connections. Effective customer support ensures a positive customer experience and improves the company’s image.

Vitec FuturSoft Oy, a software company which specialises in software solutions for vehicle repair workshops, is a satisfied Line Carrier customer.

Vitec’s customer support team supports business customers in matters relating to the use of software vehicle repair workshops. An effective customer service system is the support team’s most important tool. Support team leader Mikko Kallio, who leads a support team, explains what the team’s everyday life is like.

High-quality customer support tools bring efficiency to the support team’s daily work, make supervisory work easier and improve teamwork.

“Our software is really critical to everything that happens in workshops, which is why effective customer support is important. We get 50-60 calls a day for technical support, training and installation. The support team currently consists of 12 people, 10 of whom answer customer calls,” says Kallio.

High-quality customer support tools bring efficiency to the support team’s daily work, make supervisory work easier and improve teamwork. Seamless and accessible customer service plays an important role in ensuring customer satisfaction and a positive customer experience.

Customer support tools were updated about a year ago

Vitec FuturSoft replaced its old customer service system with Line Carrier Contact Center about a year ago. The new system has been received very well.

“The old system was from a foreign supplier and had its own pros and cons. However, following deployment and training, the customer service team agrees that Line Carrier’s system beats the previous one 6-0,” says Kallio.

There’s also an SMS message channel that can be used for example to send reminders to customers.

As well as the Contact Center, Line Carrier’s 5G mobile phone subscriptions are also used. These subscriptions make sure that remote workers stay online even when the network connection is interrupted.

More than half of the team works remotely on a daily basis, and the subscriptions serve as backup modems for remote support workers.

“The subscriptions have worked wonderfully. More than half of the team works remotely every day, and the subscriptions serve as a backup modem for remote support workers.”

Customer support supervisory work is made easier with the Contact Center app

One of the great benefits of the Contact Center application lies in supervisory work,” Kallio says.

“The Contact Center is an important management tool for me. I can monitor and intervene when I need to, but I can avoid sending unnecessary messages. I log in to the system first thing every morning. I can see from the system when the phone lines open at eight o’clock and the support team is there to answer calls. Then I can move on to my own work in peace and trust that customer support will be taken care of.”

Contact Center is an important management tool for me.

Contact history and reporting makes it easier to plan customer support work for the future. Information on call volumes and handling times helps to plan the efficient allocation of resources.

This means that customers can be offered a fast and smooth service without long queues or peak times.

Contact Center functions make teamwork more equitable

Customer support teamwork and resourcing is made easier when the system shows in real time the number of people available at any given time.

“We make extensive use of the break status and other attendance markers. Even if employees are working remotely and physically from different cities, the whole team can easily check the attendance of colleagues in the app. Employees can easily schedule breaks and lunches to avoid call queues, as they can see in real time how many colleagues are busy at any given time.”

Customers also benefit, as call queues don’t get too long and service is quickly on hand.

You can define different distribution strategies for the call queue, which can be used to distribute customer calls to employees in the way you want to. The Vitec FuturSoft support team has found distribution strategies to be a good way to ensure workload equality.

The system smooths dynamics within the team and ensures that work is evenly distributed.

“The system smooths dynamics within the team and ensures that work is evenly distributed. We distribute calls to employees based on who has had the longest time since the last call. This avoids anyone being overloaded with calls during the working day.”

Line Carrier’s customer support gets ten out of ten

Vitec FuturSoft has been pleased with the smooth introduction of Line Carrier’s customer service system and efficient customer support.

“I also have experience in implementing another competing system. The seller promised the moon, but it took a really long time to get the system to work as it should. I was amazed at the speed with which Line Carrier’s system was deployed.”

I’m giving Line Carrier’s support organization ten out of ten.

Effective customer support gets recognition.

“I’m giving line carrier’s support organization ten out of ten. Account activations, subscription upgrades and customer support response times are much faster than other service providers. In case of problems, support is both fast and proactive.”

The Contact Center scales according to needs, and the support team has also tested a number service integration that retrieves caller name information for incoming customer calls. Further cooperation is planned, as integration of the customer service system with the company’s CRM system is also being explored.

“We highly recommend Line Carrier. Our days would come to nothing without Contact Center,” Kallio says.

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