Smart Telco Services complement your voice solutions. Tailored solutions for your company’s voice and communication needs.

An effective voice solution is often the sum of small parts

IT and communication solutions require reliable infrastructure.

We offer a communication plan and voice services as a package customized for your business needs. We solve technical challenges and build a comprehensive system that serves the needs of your business development.

Line Carrier Smart Telco packages combine SIP connections, numbering services, SMS services and eFax.

Tell us about your situation, ask for a quote and our salesperson will get in touch with you!

Line Carrier IP-vaihdeliittymällä tietoturvallinen data- ja puheyhteys vaihteellesi.

Line Carrier IP PBX interface

Line Carrier IP PBX Interface or SIP trunk routes the voice traffic of the company’s IP-based PBX services to the public phone network securely and free from interference.

With Line Carrier SIP trunk, you connect PBX services or customer service apps to the public telephone network, for example.

Premium-rate service numbers

You can open a premium-rate service number to cover the costs of customer service. You set the call charges and the amount of revenue expected from the service.

Calls to the number can be forwarded to either the company’s own or outsourced customer service.

Premium-rate service numbers are suitable for customer service, appointment schedulers, order, support and sales functions and entertainment services.

Palvelunumerot kattavat asiakaspalvelun kuluja.
Yritysnumerointi yhtenäistää puheratkaisua.

Uniform corporate numbering

Corporate numbering is based on a uniform numbering system that can be combined with PBX call numbers, extensions, faxes and individual landline and mobile phone numbers.

Reach your audience with SMS Gateway mass text messages

Statistically, text messages are five times more likely to be opened than a newsletter – often as soon as the message is received.

Line Carrier SMS Gateway converts emails to text messages and sends them out to recipients’ mobile phones.

Tavoita yleisösi SMS Gateway massatekstiviestillä missä vain.
eFaxilla faksit sähköpostiin, vaikka faksilaite ei ole lähellä. .

Faxes to mail with eFax

While faxes are still necessary, it is not always possible to be physically present where the fax machine is located. Did you know that faxes can be sent and received without a separate fax machine?

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Financial benefits

By purchasing communication solutions and add-ons from the same service provider, costs are easy to allocate.

You always know what you’re getting and what you’re paying for.

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Operational efficiency

Our agile operating methods and scalable services ensure the efficiency of your operations.

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Improved brand image

Reliable connections and a uniform voice solution serve your brand image and ensure a better customer experience.