Line Carrier is an agile operator for businesses

Line Carrier combines traditional voice solutions and ICT software into a single package to improve our customers’ financial performance, operational efficiency, quality and brand image.

Line Carrier is an agile operator for businesses. Our head office overlooks the Gulf of Finland in Keilasatama, Espoo.

We operate as part of the SFG Yhtiöt Group.


We focus on good customer experience

By developing new technological solutions for businesses in the form of products and services and listening to the needs of our customers with a close ear, we create opportunities that allow our business customers to provide the best possible service for their customers.


We provide communication services and products that support the financial success of our business customers by improving business efficiency and reinforcing brand image through positive customer experiences.


We want to be the best carrier for businesses in Finland.

By providing communication solutions in three mobile networks, we produce the most effective carrier services for businesses in Finland.

We provide first-rate communication services in both Finland and internationally.

Avainlippu certification

Line Carrier’s service and product concept has received the esteemed Finnish Avainlippu certification.

Line Carrierilla on Avainlippu merkkinä suomalaisesta työstä.


Customer service

+358 20 155 8866

(8,35snt/puhelu + 22,32snt/min)

Customer support

Service advice, service terminations ja PUK codes

+358 20 155 8866 

(8,35snt/puhelu + 22,32snt/min)

Street address

Line Carrier Oy
Keilaranta 1
02150 Espoo


E-invoice address: 003721904578
Operator: Maventa

Business ID: 2190457-8


Rene Korpela, Line Carrier Oy
Rene Korpela

Business Development Manager

+358 40 900 5247

Joni Antosalo, Line Carrier Oy
Joni Antosalo

Sales Manager

+358 50 464 2418


Jari Moilanen, Line Carrier Oy
Jari Moilanen

Group CTO

Niko Tarjasalo, Line Carrier Oy
Niko Tarjasalo


Maisa Leppänen, Line Carrier Oy
Maisa Leppänen

Commercial Director

Tero Niskanen, Line Carrier Oy
Tero Niskanen

Director of Partnerships