Multi-tenant Cloud Based Solutions for CSPs

We improve customer service functions through our versatile platform. Our solutions allow you to innovate rich communications services instantly to your end customers. We apply intelligence and the latest technologies to improve your customers service experience.  

With our solutions you can offer your customers a modern, easy and flexible solution to serve their customers.  

Line Carrier platform offers a wide range of interfaces for fixed line and mobile operator connections, CRM integrations, Billing CDR, contact reporting and real time license usage. 

CSP will need SIP trunk connection to PSTN for call routing. Multiple trunks and operators can be connected simultaneously. 

Interfaces for external connections 



SIP trunk 

SIP trunk is needed for getting connections to PSTN phone network. One trunk or group of trunks can handle call traffic in whole platform or if needed trunks can be done separately for each platform in organization. 

Billing CDR application for operators 

Billing CDR application will give data from all type of calls or contacts which are handled in the system. Telecom operator can get phone call billing data directly from SIP trunk or this API can be used when data is needed also from other type of contacts as email, SMS, chat or social media. 

API for CRM connections 

CRM API can be used to make integrations between platform and third party CRM systems. Platform includes generic interfaces such as MS Dynamics CRM and Zendesk ticketing system. Other kind of integrations can be done by using Web services, such as SOAP and REST. 

Basic contact reporting application 

Desk application provides a basic reporting from calls and contacts. It is UI where user can select a time period, type of the report and contact type. Reports can be exported to excel. 

API for MS Power Bi 

Is a authenticated API which allow MS Power Bi connect directly to Azure data warehouse and get valid data from a particular organisation linked to the account. 

API for Azure 

Is a authenticated API which allow any type of reporting system connect to Azure data warehouse and get valid data from a particular organization linked to account. 

API for real time license usage 

Is API which allow to make https query from specific organisation. Platform will return a full configuration from users and used services in xml format. This can be used to provide a real time service billing to end customer. 

Online Admin Portal 

Is meant for the customers, to control their organisations, users, call groups, queues, recorded announcements, time condition rules and another services.

How does it work?

When a customer calls the company number, call will be transferred to specified numbers. Calls can either be transferred to a certain number, a defined call group or in queue, ensuring that no calls are lost on the way. Information on the availability of personnel can be added to the service. Online reporting is always available to the end-customer in the mobile app. It allows to monitor call volumes, service levels and other data.   

A mobile switchboard is a flexible solution for ensuring that company’s employees can be reached conveniently. It is quick and easy to start use the service– no need to invest in extra equipment or a fixed telephone switchboard. Application can be downloaded from Play store and AppStore.