Line Carrier Voice for MS Teams

Does your company have a separate switchboard system for external communication and a separate team work app, such as Skype for Business or MS Teams, for internal communication?

When used correctly, cloud-based MS Teams is a cost-effective and functional teamwork application. When it is combined with voice, it becomes even more effective.

Line Carrier Voice for MS Teams tekee Teamsista puhelinjärjestelmän yrityksille

Line Carrier Voice for MS Teams replaces your company’s existing phone system with a full-fledged switchboard that includes e.g. call operator tools, business numbering, call recording and clear reporting. You can use the number of your choice when making external calls.

If you are still using the Skype for Business service, it is nearing its end with support terminating in July 2021. It is worth transitioning in a controlled and systematic manner rather than suffering from a last-minute panic.

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