Line Carrier Customer Service Platform

Your customers want to be served when it suits them, not just during office hours. If they cannot get hold of one of your staff, they’ll call some other company.
Customers need to be responded to on a number of channels, e.g. over chat and on the phone, but perhaps you do not have adequate staff. Or maybe you already use different communication methods, but they are inefficient; channels do not synchronize together or queues are not managed. Sometimes it is difficult to combine contacts made by the same customer via different channels.

Line Carrier Asiakaspalvelu: mobiilivaihde, contact center ja monikanavainen asiakaspalvelu

Perhaps the existing system is inflexible, adding new functionalities is difficult or you cannot develop your activities from the viewpoint of customer experience. To optimize efficiency and the amount of personnel, you need clear reporting. 
Did you know that you can have all voice services, emails, chats, social media channels, teamwork apps, service queues and answering services from one place, exactly as your company needs them? Your company can manage and respond to all contacts using the Line Carrier Customer Service Platform.
Line Carrier's solution is flexible even in unexceptional situations that require a quick response, such as switching to remote working, adding extra resources to customer service and even reducing the number of licenses. We are also able to react without delay in the case of a fault. 
If customers cannot get hold of your personnel, they will call a company that provides them with the service straightaway. 

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