Line Carrier Business Mobile

Has your personnel experienced coverage or network problems?

Does your phone invoice seem complicated and difficult to itemize for each cost centre?

Are you sure you can always be reached?

How have you ensured the availability of on-call and other critical staff?


Line Carrierin puhelinliittymät yrityksille, yritysliittymät kaikissa verkoissa, operaattoripalvelut yrityksille

If the network does not work, people in critical positions cannot be reached and personnel outside coverage cannot make a call. In that case, to ensure availability you may have to pay for the services of several operators. Or you may need to put in an extra effort with your current operator to target invoices correctly within your organization. Changing needs and complicated pricing easily lead to having to pay for what you don’t need. 
You may not have heard that one operator in Finland operates across all networks. With Line Carrier Business Mobile, you have access to all three networks. This way, your company’s connections are secured and your staff can work uninterruptedly anywhere in the country. With our help, you ensure coverage with the SIM cards of two separate networks.