Many companies feel that their existing operator solutions and customer service systems simply don’t work. Perhaps you have services from different suppliers, handling and targeting invoices is difficult and you’re not exactly sure what you are paying for.

Sound familiar? 

Do some of your staff suffer from poor coverage and internet connections and is just one person taking care of your switchboard? And then there’s of course the fact that Skype for Business is being discontinued. On top of that there’s a different supplier for each of these areas.

You may think your existing systems work just fine, so making a switch doesn’t seem appealing. In reality, your customer may not be able to get hold of your staff and your company is losing out on vital contacts and sales. You simply waste time when calls are not connected with an available member of staff.

Do you know if and how fast customers are getting through to your personnel? Do you have enough information at hand to develop your services?


Work methods and technology develop constantly. Your customers want services exactly when it suits them, not according to your working hours. Did you know that you can get all phone, email, chat, social media, teamwork app, service queue and answer services from the same place, exactly as your company needs them? Or that Line Carrier provides coverage across all operator networks? And you receive a clearly itemized invoice that can be easily targeted to the right units in your organization. Customer behaviour and work methods have changed. With Line Carrier, you can adjust your services to meet changing needs no matter what the time and place. If a customer doesn’t get through to your personnel, they will end up contacting someone that provides the service straightaway.

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