Two subscriptions with one phone number – Things are moving forward with a dual network solution!

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Mobile internet enabled, but the connection’s down? Remote meetings slowing down, videos freezing? Files not loading? Make sure your connections work with Line Carrier’s dual network solution and get two lines with one number!

Mobile network outages annoy all of us, but they’re especially annoying when it comes to getting work done. Working from home, at the summer cottage or on a trip is very tempting, but patchy connections can make it difficult.

Working from home, at the summer cottage or on a trip is very tempting, but patchy connections can make it difficult.

There are several reasons why a mobile network can be patchy. Often the culprit is coverage. Mobile phone coverage varies between operators and can also be affected amongst other things by terrain, or the materials used to build houses. If the connection is lost completely, the malfunction may be down to a technical fault or a cable fault, for example.

Whether the cause is poor reception or a network outage, Line Carrier’s dual-network solution can handle your data transfer. You get two subscriptions with one number, and you can use two different mobile networks on the same device. If your primary network doesn’t work, you can switch networks in a blink of an eye!  

Two subscriptions with a single number, so how does that work?

A dual network solution is a service in which a Multi-SIM plan allows you to use two subscriptions on one phone, with only one phone number. You don’t have to get two subscriptions or two phone numbers from different operators, you can easily get everything on one bill directly from Line Carrier.

Line Carrier is a specialist business service operator offering subscriptions for DNA, Elisa and Telia networks. As such, we give you one-stop access to the network of your choice.

For a dual network solution you need a phone with dual SIM card slots or eSIM capability.

The dual network solution in a nutshell:

  1. You get one phone number, but two subscriptions to two different mobile networks
  2. One subscription is the primary subscription and the other is the backup subscription.
  3. Subscriptions can be purchased for two different mobile networks (DNA, Elisa or Telia)
  4. If the primary plan doesn’t work, intelligent call control directs calls to the backup subscription
  5. When calling out, both subscriptions use the same phone number.
  6. Switching data transfer between two SIM cards can be done with a few swipes of your phone’s settings

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What is the Multi-SIM solution used for?

Line Carrier’s dual-network solution is ideal for any business that wants to guarantee connectivity for its employees, regardless of time and place.

Typical users of the Multi-SIM solution include on-call staff, for whom uninterrupted network performance is important. It’s also popular with people who work on the go or who do mobile work, where the coverage area of a single mobile network is not enough.

Assured availability is also important for companies that want to make sure of business continuity even in exceptional situations.

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