Line Carrier introduces OneFeed™ – New all-in-one solution to omnichannel customer service

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Uusi Onefeed Sovellus

The Finnish telecommunications operator and software company, Line Carrier Oy is launching a new mobile application that simplifies multi-channel communication for businesses.

OneFeed™ is a communication application that brings multi-channel customer service into a convenient mobile app. The app enables the handling of emails, text messages, calls, chats, and WhatsApp Business messages easily from a single feed. OneFeed™ offers an easy way to establish multi-channel customer service without significant investments, allowing agile responses to customer messages anytime, anywhere.

The new application is available across devices, supporting both Android and iOS smartphones, tablets, and computers. OneFeed™ will be released for business use in the fall of 2023.


Multi-channel customer service is now more easily accessible

OneFeed™ makes multi-channel customer service accessible to a broader audience, according to Niko Tarjasalo, CEO of Line Carrier Oy.

“OneFeed streamlines customer service, enhances its quality, and ensures all customer messages are addressed. With OneFeed, multiple individuals can seamlessly participate in customer communication. Adopting new service channels is also very straightforward.”

With OneFeed™, involving multiple individuals in customer communication becomes seamless.

Thanks to the OneFeed™ application, initiating multi-channel customer service no longer requires investments in heavy software or lengthy implementation processes. The application is suitable not only for customer service teams but also for use by sales representatives, mobile workers, connecting multiple office locations, or busy entrepreneurs.

Delivering a positive customer experience is now achievable through a mobile app. Its usage doesn’t tie individuals to a computer, as the app can be carried in one’s pocket during fieldwork, in-store activities, or client meetings.

“Too often, multi-channel customer service is often implemented piece by piece. With our new application, we enhance the speed of service regardless of the channel, providing a unified customer experience,” says Pia Lindroos, Sales Director at Line Carrier.


Traditional Contact Center functions and digital service channels on mobile

The idea for developing OneFeed™ stemmed from the needs of Line Carrier’s customer base. Navigating the jungle of diverse communication tools is a challenge many businesses face.

“In today’s world, the influx of information from various channels is perceived as burdensome and contributing to the sense of urgency in business operations. The flood of messages disrupts the customer service process and undermines service quality when responses cannot be timely. We wanted to develop an application that addresses this issue while incorporating all the functionalities of a contact center system into a mobile environment,” explains Tarjasalo.

OneFeed™ is more than a mobile switchboard, yet more agile than a contact center.

OneFeed™ represents a novel approach in the market of customer service systems and Contact Center applications, as it blends traditional call center functionalities with mobile multi-channel capabilities.

“OneFeed is more than a mobile switchboard, yet more agile than a contact center. Traditionally, contact center systems handle calls and electronic communication channels through computers. However, OneFeed combines digital communication channels and traditional call center features into a unified feed on a mobile device. The Flutter programming language enables an application that functions seamlessly across all devices and is easy to deploy to all necessary employees.”

Line Carrier Oy – Agile Corporate Operator

Founded in 2008, Line Carrier Oy is an Espoo-based telecommunications operator and software company specializing in business phone services and customer service system development. The company is part of the SFG Yhtiöt Oy Group, focusing on customer service solutions.