More than talk! 

Communication solutions for companies of all sizes

Line Carrier's mission is to improve customers service functions with technical and personnel solutions, to ensure that your services can be reached at any time and place. We offer cloud based solutions with flexible service agreements, tailored to your needs.

We offer communication solutions to end-customer enterprises and growingly to other operators. Our cloud based portfolio includes PBX and multi-channel Contact Center solutions, but also a PBX / mobility management portal as well as a full range operator billing system. Line Carrier's operations are steered by customer orientation, reliability, security and profitability.

Multi-tenant Cloud Based Solutions for CSPs

Our solutions allow you to innovate rich communications services instantly to your end customers. We apply intelligence and the latest technologies to improve your customers service experience.  

With our solutions you can offer your customers a modern, easy and flexible solution to serve their customers.  

Line Carrier platform offers a wide range of interfaces for fixed line and mobile operator connections, CRM integrations, Billing CDR, contact reporting and real time license usage. Read more.