Line Carrier mobile switchboard

A mobile switchboard is a flexible solution for ensuring your personnel can be reached conveniently. The service platform was developed by Line Carrier to ensure that the oTTo Mobile Switchboard is easy to use.

Start using the service by downloading the app for your company's mobile devices (Windows, Android and iPhone phones). The easy-to-use network management portal means you can conveniently manage the way calls are transferred yourself.

When a customer calls your business number, the call will be transferred to specified numbers. Calls can either be transferred to a certain number, a defined call ring or in queue, ensuring that no calls are lost on the way. Information on the availability of personnel can be added to the service.

It is quick and easy to take the service into use – no need to invest in extra equipment or a fixed telephone switchboard. The comprehensive online report allows you to monitor call volumes, response times and many other details.

Mobile Switchboard Features

  • Transferring calls to queues and call groups
  • Conference calls
  • On-hold music and announcements
  • Call transfers and timed transfers
  • User status information
  • Joining groups over a mobile phone
  • Calling with mobile switchboard number
  • Instant messaging between users
  • Connecting calls, also from mobile phones
  • Voice mail
  • IVR menu
  • Network-based interface for service management
  • Reporting
  • Can be connected to an outsourced switchboard service

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Service switchboard

The Service Switchboard is an expanded version of the Mobile Switchboard. In addition to smartphones, desktop and softphones (computer phones) can be connected to the Service Switchboard.

Extra Features in Addition to the Mobile Switchboard

  • Recording calls
  • Desktop phones and softphones can be connected to the service
  • Call back: softphones feature caller information on the phone screen as a call back request
  • Extensive reporting