Line Carrier

Line Carrier was established in 2008 and is part of Finnish SFG Yhtiöt. The company offers communication solutions to enterprises and organizations. Our offices are located in Keilasatama in Espoo as well as Kuhmo and Porvoo. We are a leading Finnish provider of IP voice network solutions. Our call centers are among the biggest in Finland when measured by customer volumes. Line Carrier's operations are steered by customer orientation, reliability, security and profitability.

We collaborate with teleoperators and companies specializing in communication system and VOIP and IT solutions.

Why partner with us?

We listen closely to our customers and continuously develop the technology and customer orientation of our solutions, which meet the strictest requirements of our customers. We provide 24/7 customer care, and the average time for answering a call during office hours is 10 seconds. A service coordinator appointed for your company ensures that the service runs smoothly at all times. We constantly monitor our service levels in order to ensure a high standard of service for your company. We make sure that the skills of our personnel are updated on a regular basis.

As your operations change, we are quick to adjust to your needs. We offer flexible service agreements, meaning that the number of communication modules can be modified even at a short notice.

We strive to develop your customer service, ensure that your personnel can be reached in an improved capacity, and help you succeed in your area of specialization.